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HomeFront Arts presents live performances and creates all types of media content in collaboration with military veterans. 

A coalition known as the Bonus Army – comprised of 43,000 veterans, family members and supporters – gathered in Washington, D.C. in 1932 to demand immediate restitution for what soldiers could have earned had they not served in the military. For today’s veterans, the need for housing and supportive services is comparable to the need in the Depression era for prompt recompense. Our U.S. Tour of Duty is inspired by the Bonus Army and led by performers and artists who promote the mutual benefits of partnering with veterans, and who share a commitment to ending veteran homelessness by December 2015. So far over 200 American communities have joined the effort. 


Veterans pursuing a career in the entertainment/media field are introduced to accomplished professionals for mentoring and opportunities to collaborate on projects of mutual interest. Send us an email for more info.

Jeffrey Abelson – Filmmaker
Katie Arnoldi – Author
Keith Barany – Comedy Producer
Varda Bar-Kar - Filmmaker
Scott Carter – Writer-Executive Producer, Real Time With Bill Maher
Bart Coleman – Producer, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Tyson Cornell – Literary Manager-Producer
Robert Corsini – Filmmaker
Roy Eisenstein – Writer-Filmmaker-Acting Coach
Mark Flanagan – Owner, Largo at the Coronet Theatre
Dan Frischman – Actor-Writer-Director
Todd Howard - Host, World's Worst Tenants
Danna Hyams – Founder-Producing Director, The Hayworth Theatre
Jann Karam – Writer-Comedian-Actor
David Koechner – Actor-Comedian-Musician
Andy Lassner – Executive Producer, Ellen
Dale Launer – Screenwriter
Joel Lava – Director – Live Action & Motion Graphics
Jason Leopold – Deputy Managing Editor, Truthout
Paul Lyons – Writer-Comedian
Cameron Melville – Owner, Club Helsinki
Greg Miller – Writing Coach-Script Consultant
Eric Mofford – Filmmaker
Tom Morello – Musician
Jeff Norman – Writer-Producer-Commentator
Rick Overton – Writer-Comedian-Actor
Greg Proops – Comedian-Actor
Kahlil Sabbagh – Musician-Composer-Actor
Steve Skrovan – Writer-Producer-Director
James M. Smith – Supervising Editor, Survivor
Richard Stayton – Journalist
Bill Taub – Writer-Writing Instructor
David Tobocman – Composer-Producer-Arranger
Bree Walker – Reporter-Host


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