The Veterans Project

The Veterans Project helps military veterans reintegrate into society. Acting, writing and mentoring workshops are offered free of charge, and veterans seeking a career in the entertainment/media industry are connected with experienced professionals.

Veterans Community Theater Workshop
Melvin Ishmael Johnson , Artistic Director of Dramastage-Qumran, leads the workshop every Wednesday evening from 5 to 8 PM at The Vortex, 2341 E. Olympic Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles. He trains veterans to work as stage managers in the Los Angeles theater community, and coordinates mentoring and hands-on training in various aspects of media and theater production in collaboration with Skid Row Studios, Robey Theatre Company and The Vortex. Melvin, a Marine veteran, is leading our development of a full-scale Veterans Community Theater Company based on the Community Theater Model and NESONA Model, which merges the arts with anti-violence strategies and conflict resolution. You can email him at

Homefront Justice Center
The Center provides free legal services to low-income veterans, and partners with schools and nonprofit agencies that train veterans' advocates and paralegals. Alex Voschinsky is our staff attorney. He formerly served in Pepperdine's Asylum Clinic, where he helped those seeking political asylum in the U.S. due to persecution in their countries of origin, and currently works at Immigrant Rep, Inc.

Homefront Media Group
Military veterans work side by side with experienced non-veterans on projects of mutual interest. We also connect veterans pursuing a career in the entertainment/media field with accomplished professionals for mentoring.

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