The Veterans Project

The Veterans Project helps military veterans reintegrate into society. Acting, writing and mentoring workshops are offered free of charge, and veterans seeking a career in the entertainment/media industry are connected with experienced professionals.

Veterans Community Theater Workshop
Melvin Ishmael Johnson , Artistic Director of Dramastage-Qumran, leads the workshop every Wednesday evening from 5 to 8 PM at The Vortex, 2341 E. Olympic Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles. He trains veterans to work as stage managers in the Los Angeles theater community, and coordinates mentoring and hands-on training in various aspects of media and theater production in collaboration with Skid Row Studios, Robey Theatre Company and The Vortex. Melvin, a Marine veteran, is leading our development of a full-scale Veterans Community Theater Company based on the Community Theater Model and NESONA Model, which merges the arts with anti-violence strategies and conflict resolution. You can email him at

Homefront Media Group
Veterans pursuing a career in the entertainment/media field are introduced to accomplished professionals for mentoring and opportunities to collaborate on projects of mutual interest.

Jeffrey Abelson – Filmmaker
Katie Arnoldi – Author
Keith Barany – Comedy Producer
Scott Carter – Writer-Executive Producer, Real Time With Bill Maher
Bart Coleman – Producer, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Tyson Cornell – Literary Manager-Producer
Robert Corsini – Filmmaker
Roy Eisenstein – Writer-Filmmaker-Acting Coach
Mark Flanagan – Owner, Largo at the Coronet Theatre
Dan Frischman – Actor-Writer-Director
Todd Howard - Host, World's Worst Tenants
Danna Hyams – Founder-Producing Director, The Hayworth Theatre
Jann Karam – Writer-Comedian-Actor
David Koechner – Actor-Comedian-Musician
Andy Lassner – Executive Producer, Ellen
Dale Launer – Screenwriter
Joel Lava – Director – Live Action & Motion Graphics
Jason Leopold – Deputy Managing Editor, Truthout
Paul Lyons – Writer-Comedian
Cameron Melville – Owner, Club Helsinki
Greg Miller – Writing Coach-Script Consultant
Eric Mofford – Filmmaker
Tom Morello – Musician
Jeff Norman – Writer-Producer-Commentator
Rick Overton – Writer-Comedian-Actor
Greg Proops – Comedian-Actor
Kahlil Sabbagh – Musician-Composer-Actor
Steve Skrovan – Writer-Producer-Director
James M. Smith – Supervising Editor, Survivor
Richard Stayton – Journalist
Bill Taub – Writer-Writing Instructor
David Tobocman – Composer-Producer-Arranger
Bree Walker – Reporter-Host

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