The Vortex

Our Command Center is The Vortex at 2341 E. Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90021, between Mateo Street to the west and Santa Fe Avenue to the east. If you're ready to organize your own event or to collaborate with us, click here to submit your proposal. If you have questions or would like to come see the venue, send us an email or give us a call at 626.986.3543.
Parking is allowed only on Porter Street (parallel to Olympic, north side of the building) or (for events only) in the parking lot accessible from the alley adjacent to the freeway ramp on Porter Street. For self-parking events, go to the end of the alley (northernmost point, north side of Porter) to the area shown on the map below. The Vortex is accessible only from the alley on the east side of the building. Approach from Olympic Boulevard or Porter Street. For events with valet parking, drive into the alley from Olympic. Click on the map for directions.



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