Abduction from the Seraglio


Pacific Opera Project’s hit Star Trek-themed parody of Mozart’s Abduction from the Seraglio boldly goes where no opera company has gone before. POP puts their zany spin on Mozart’s kidnapping caper by setting it in space - the final frontier.  Klingons, slave girls, and all your favorite characters from the original Star Trek series sing and dance their way through Abduction with a 27-piece orchestra and a new English libretto by artistic director Josh Shaw.

“The staging is yet another creative bit of genius from Josh Shaw, the raw creative force and driving factor...Abduction from the Sergalio is over-the-top homage to the series and its lead characters... And it works in a big way... a tribute to a series embedded in pop culture itself and exposure to live music, Mozart, singing, playing…” - Huffington Post

“Don’t question it. The results are strangely glorious. And whether you are a rabid Star Trek fan or just versed enough to get by in pop culture, this zany and pitch-perfect opera triumphs in pure laugh-out-loud hilarity…” - Pasadena Independent

“This is not like any opera text you have ever heard and it generated laughs from the entire audience due to the comical and overly sexual nature of Shaw's new English libretto... The new libretto is heavy on laughs and is sure to quote nearly every catch phrase and iconic line from the much-loved sci-fi series. But not to worry if you are not a Trekker and have no knowledge of the inside references and jokes placed throughout the opera. The story is complete unto itself…” - Broadway World

"The leap from Mozart's Abduction from the Seraglio to a Star Trek television series spoof is a jump as long as outer space. But the comic conversion worked in the sense that Opera Piccola, in its fourth season, drew its largest audience ever, 700 people, selling out the Charline McCombs Empire Theatre…” - My San Antonio

"Opera and science fiction have always occupied distinct realms, but Mozart and Star Trek come together seamlessly in Festival Opera's new production of Abduction from the Seraglio. Josh Shaw's riotously funny staging of the composer's 1782 singspiel, cast with familiar characters from the Star Trek franchise, seems tailor-made to bring Mozart lovers and Trekkies together under one roof -- and keep them laughing for nearly three hours…” - The Mercury News