Noise Relief Room Official Launch

02 May

Renaissance man Nakee Hanks has agreed to serve as our engineer for a monthlong sound mitigation project aimed at restoring tranquility for Navy veteran Roy Finegan of Long Beach. The effort marks HomeFront Rising's foray into social enterprises, a plan that is expected to eventually generate income for the nonprofit while also serving veterans and the community at large. Our objective at this juncture is to provide Roy with a Noise Relief Room at no charge, and attract donations enabling us to similarly accommodate other low-income veterans in the coming months. The first phase of the venture is funded in part by a grant from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. The agency supports healing through art, connection and creative expression by sponsoring WE RISE, an annual campaign and series of events to raise awareness of mental health issues and alternative treatments.

Nakee's brand of entrepreneurialism dovetails perfectly with our mission. Throughout his two decades as a busy, high-level engineer, Nakee has managed to simultaneously operate various businesses on the side as vehicles for promoting his positive-living philosophy. He currently runs Happy Hanks Coffee, and markets his premium java in partnership with philanthropic programs.

Nakee the designer and Roy the builder hit it off instantly when they met for the first time yesterday. Roy clarified his needs, and got helpful suggestions about materials and how the Noise Relief Room should be constructed. It was decided that the nearby Nitro Cafe would be an ideal site for assembling the unit, and we hope to soon confirm it'll be at least our temporary workspace.

Click here to donate, and here to apply for a free Noise Relief Room.

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