The Rock Club Has a Magic Moment

The Rock Club – helmed expertly by founder Frank McIlquham, and aided ably by the multi-talented Charles Fearing and an intrepid team of musician-coaches – is dedicated to improving the lives of veterans through music and engagement with the community. The work they do is marked by a certain steadfastness that requires a willingness to endure difficult and frustrating episodes. Which makes the special moments especially sweet. Such was the case on April 19 when Anthony Davis, a Century Villages at Cabrillo resident, showed up at one of our twice-weekly village jams with song lyrics he had already written. In a matter of minutes, the group came up with a catchy melody, and then fleshed it out to the point an anthem (“Joy In My Life”) representing our mission and spirit began to emerge. Steve Colman, Executive Director of Century Villages at Cabrillo, happened to drop by while the song was being birthed, and captured part of the process on his cell phone. It will be interesting to see where “Joy In My Life” goes in the coming weeks and months.

Tom Hanks to Star in Henry IV at West Los Angeles VA – Free Tickets for Veterans

Starting June 5, Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks will star in 24 performances of Henry IV produced by the Shakespeare Center of LA (SCLA) and staged in the West Los Angeles VA’s Japanese Garden.


Share Your Story to Support a Fellow Veteran


The Vortex Is Available for Events


Our Los Angeles Command Center is The Vortex at 2341 E. Olympic Boulevard in the Downtown Arts District. If you’d like to co-produce something with us, or rent the venue for your own event, give us a call at 213.375.4150 or send us an email. We’re always happy to discuss the possibilities.

Gender Roles in the Arts and Military

Kiniko_Willingham.jpgVA social worker and Air Force veteran Kiniko Willingham was in the audience at the November 19th matinee performance of Much Ado About Nothing. She joined audience and cast members for a post-show discussion about the plight of female veterans and service members.

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Supporting Veterans is Common Ground For Pro- and Anti-Trumpers


Jeff Norman and Greg Proops agree that working with veterans is one of the only things that could unite our divided nation.


Robert Davi Calls for Veterans to Rebuild Nation

Robert Davi envisions a veteran-led unification of America.

Veteran Fired For Disability Bounces Back



After enlisting at the age of 19, Dan Tapia reluctantly left the US Navy due to severe physical injuries. Although he’s been diagnosed as a quadriplegic, Dan has worked vigorously for many years as a cicerone, barman, bar manager, busser, barback, bouncer and grunt of every kind. When a high-end Beverly Hills restaurant where he had landed a sommelier position refused to accommodate his disability, Dan decided to establish his own restaurant in Long Beach, CA. Fourth and Olive opened in November of 2016 to rave reviews, and is now set to serve as a springboard for other veteran-operated food and beverage ventures throughout the nation.