March 20, 2019


Lyrics by Amber Loverde, C.J. Jacks, Sue Newton, Roger Stebbins and Jeff Norman. Music by Will Nephew, Roger Stebbins and Don Piercey.

Break break breakin' things
That's what's on my mind tonight
Broken heart broken will
Put me together 
I'm broken still

Broken chair broken light
Broken day leaves broken night
Broken mind but I'm all right
Ooh, look, there's a TV!


There once was a TV
Put up for all to see
Then one guy got angry
And now we're cable-free


Anger and destruction
Never solves a thing
There's a man over there
He destroyed the TV

And all of the community
Was oh so sad to see
How anger out of control
Could lead to no TV!


No blame
Just humanity
No shame
Just love and empathy

I wanna be social
I wanna watch TV
Wanna come together
As a community

Despite this little problem
The people here are clever
We'll fix whatever has been broken
And the social hall will swing forever


x 3