may is mental health awareness month

Navy veteran Roy Finegan is plagued by incessant noise where he lives, so HomeFront Rising is helping him design and build a Noise Relief Room. Bar None is posting updates about the project throughout May (Mental Health Awareness Month).

Roy worked under a flight deck where aircraft constantly landed when he served as a diesel mechanic on the USS Independence from 1989 to 1993. The intense roar and clatter left him with permanent tinnitus and other debilitating effects, and Roy's current upstairs neighbor makes it impossible for him to enjoy his life without a Noise Relief Room.

HomeFront Rising is planning to keep making the unit for other low-income veterans with similar plights. Click here to donate, and here to apply for a free Noise Relief Room if you are a low-income veteran. 

This project is a part of the "Bridging Wellness" series of community pop-ups generously supported by WE RISE LA in partnership with Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. "Bridging Wellness" is a collaborative effort by Angels Gate Cultural Center, Arts Council for Long Beach, Compound LB and 10 other organizations and artists in the Harbor Region.