The U.S. Tour of Duty is part of a cultural revival led by civic-minded military veterans and their allies. We develop the artistic abilities and creative expression of veterans, and nurture relationships between veterans and the general public for the greater good. FREE video production, dance, theater and music workshops are held at the Villages at Cabrillo in Long Beach, the Main Library in Long Beach, and The Vortex in Los Angeles. A blueprint for nationwide deployment is now in development.


Will Nephew coaches songwriters and musicians who collaborate with each other. It’s all about harnessing the healing energy of music through composing, playing as a band, and recording. Have fun expressing yourself, working as a group, and experiencing the natural high only music can produce. Maybe your song will be performed in one of our variety shows! FREE for everyone. No experience necessary. 4 to 5:30 PM Mondays in the Gateway Community Kitchen, Villages at Cabrillo.

Playwright and Marine veteran Melvin Ishmael Johnson leads the workshop every Tuesday evening. In addition to directing plays and multi-media productions, he trains veterans to work as stage managers in the Los Angeles theater community, and coordinates internships with local companies. FREE for veterans. Every Tuesday at The Vortex from 7 to 9 PM.

Please support our cultural revival. Your donation will enable us to provide additional FREE workshops for veterans. Thank you!