Vortex Youth Project

The Vortex Youth Project (VYP) is a 10-week intensive paid internship program that provides Los Angeles teens and young adults with multimedia training and life skills. The process is designed to serve as a cathartic form of healing, self-awareness and empowerment. Participants will develop collaborative abilities by working on community development tasks with their peers and mentors including military veterans. They will also learn to write, direct and produce stories in various formats, and perform technical, production and light maintenance/clerical tasks at The Vortex, a multipurpose community center, performance space and production studio. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, instruction will take place online and via telephone initially. Onsite training will take place in accordance with the recommendations of government officials when it is safe to do so. The VYP is a public-private partnership between the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, L.A. Youth at Work, HIRE-LA's Youth, Stage of the Arts, Generation Hip Hop Global, HomeFront Rising, The Vortex, Coalition for Responsible Community Development and Boyle Heights Technology YouthSource CenterCLICK HERE TO APPLY. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

VYP provides on-the-job training and work experience in digital video production that includes:
• content development (scriptwriting)
• camera operation
• lighting for interior/exterior
• sound recording
• pre-production (storyboard/shot list)
• directing/producing
• studio production
• news production/public service announcements
• post-production (editing/sound/titles)
• screening
• streaming and social media platforms
• industry internships/employment

VYP provides life skills sessions that include:
• professional etiquette
• personal development
• community awareness
• cultural exchange

VYP provides training and work experience in live event production that includes:
• stage managing for theater, concerts, fashion shows, etc.
• lighting and sound for live events
• house management/tickets
• event promotion and marketing