Streets of Life

Streets of Life is a rocking musical by Army veteran Roger Stebbins that’s part Rocky Horror Picture Show, part 12-step recovery meeting. Freaky people show up at a freaky place to share their freaky lives, and to help each other stay clean and sober with music, poetry and talking about their freaky lives.

Creative Sharing Project

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Morning Sax Hits the Spot

“Streets of Life” is a 15-year-old project that was recently reborn after a long-term hiatus. There’s no telling when a creative spark will befall an artist, but for whatever reason, the ideas are now coming fast and furious. At their second rehearsal on December 1, Danny played saxaphone on Roger's "I Am Red, White and Blue," a celebration of racial diversity.

First Rehearsal

We’re all as giddy as a schoolgirl on prom night about multi-instrumentalist Danny Moynahan coming on board to help take Roger’s songs to the next level. When he jammed with Roger for the first time on November 24 at the Long Beach Public Library, Danny played the library’s magnificent Steinway grand piano, and later marveled at how responsive to the touch it is compared to the upright he has at home. Danny is threatening to bring his saxophone to next week's rehearsal. Maybe he’ll even play the damn thing.